6 Ways to Study Spanish

Nowadays we are living in the digital age and there are so many ways of consuming information. When it comes to learning Spanish there are so many different ways to study it.

The best part is that you have so many options to choose from.

But that comes with its own headaches.

If you’re like me, you have a life to live. A full-time job, going to the gym, hanging out with friends and of course the most important of all.

Learning Spanish.

How are we supposed to keep all that straight?

Worry not, that’s what we at Easy Linguista live to do.

To make your life easy.

Here are the best ways to study Spanish.

The best part is that you don’t even have to follow all of these ways. You can add what’s convenient for you and discard what doesn’t fit your schedule.



6 Ways to Study Spanish


1. Speaking

Everybody wants to learn how to speak Spanish. It’s such a sexy language.

Now if you are living in a country that doesn’t speak Spanish as it’s native language (hand up) or a ticket to Spain or Latin America costs an arm a leg (hand up again).


So immersion is out as an option there.

If that remains an option for you – 100% take advantage.

Fortunately it has become so much easier to be able to speak to other languages.

There are 2 main programs in which you can speak to actual native Spanish speakers.

The first being BaseLang which is a dedicated Spanish tutoring service which offers unlimited lessons.

This is a premium service and a great way to take advantage of native Spanish speakers in order to learn the language.

It’s a bit pricey coming in at $129 a month but for unlimited Spanish lessons it’s a fantastic option.

Another more budget friendly option is Italki which also provides lessons for all languages for a few dollars a lesson.

Definitely an option worth exploring.

Practicing speaking is best done 1 on 1 with a native speaker.


2. Reading

Reading is a great way to learn Spanish.

If you have ever been to a foreign country, you will know that very few of the signs and street names will be in English.

I remember in my Spanish class when a couple was telling everyone the story of how they went to Spanish and all the signs were in English.

It can be very confusing and frustrating if you can’t read words in Spanish.

Hence the reason for them learning Spanish.

I always recommend starting off with some children’s books to ease into starting off ways to study Spanish

Also I’m a big fan of the Practice Makes Perfect series. There are a lot of different exercises in all of the books which gives you a good sense of vocabulary and sentence structure.

I also recommend reading  books that have been transcribed into Spanish from English.

The Harry Potter series comes to mind. Growing up I was a big fan of Harry Potter so this is an easy book to pick up and read in Spanish.


3. Apps

There are so many apps nowadays which help you with all kinds of stuff in your day-to-day life.

There are also apps for learning languages.

I’m a big fan of Duolingo. It’s quick and easy top just knock out a couple lessons a day.

Memrise is another one that I’m currently using at the moment.

A dictionary app is also a useful tool to have for quick translations – I recommend using SpanishDict.

Really convenient and surprisingly accurate translator. Best part is that you can translate swear words – I always enjoy learning swear words in other languages.

I break down the pros and cons of these apps here.

Free Spanish Language Resources Beginners

4. Language Courses

In this 6 ways to study Spanish, one of my favourite ways to unwind in a day is to practice with a Michel Thomas, a Pimsleur or a Rocket Spanish (which I just signed up for).

It is very convenient to use these language courses to learn languages and nowadays it keeps the language learning fun.

These courses usually focus on one aspect, either the speaking or reading portion of the language learning process.

This definitely sharpens the learning curve and cuts off a lot of time in learning a language.

Back in the day you would have to buy books or if you were lucky you could buy one of these courses for an arm and a leg. They also either came in CDs or tapes.

It’s crazy to me that the new generation don’t know what a tape,VHS or even a CD is because the world is so digital today.

Just a casual aside.

I review a lot of these courses here on Easy Linguista in order for you to make more of an informed purchase and decide if a language learning course is for you.


5. TV shows/Movies

I love watching a good series. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been watching shows in Spanish and I love the language even more now.

You almost feel like you’re part of a special group being able to understand (at least a bit of it for now) what is going on.

As mentioned in my post on the 8 reasons to learn Spanish. It is becoming quite fashionable to speak  Spanish and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are coming to the party.

Don’t get left out now.

Some of my favorite shows include

  • Narcos (a show about the drug cartel in Colombia and Mexico)
  • Club de Cuervos (a comedy set in Mexico circling around football)
  • Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso (a telenovela about a girl and her family who get tangled up with the mafia – very cheesy but great for picking up some new Spanish words)

This is a very fun and relaxing activity and definitely my favourite in ways to study Spanish.

6. Language Groups

This is a nice way to learn the language in person with other people.

I signed up for classes at my local Spanish class at La Casa Escuela de Español in Cape Town.

I thouroughly enjoyed as it gave me the opportunity to practice with other people and learn from native Spanish speakers.

If you have a local Spanish class, I would recommend signing up. It’s low cost and you can make a lot of new friends.

The downside might be that because everyone learns at a different pace, some people might learn slower or faster than you.

This can be frustrating sometimes but you will usually get matched with people on your level.

Mis companeros y yo para nuestro clase de Espanol


Overall these are fantastic ways to study Spanish and when used in conjunction with one another, it can even be used as replacement for immersion.

I am currently using all these methods and always try and include any thoughts I might have in order to make it more useful and applicable for you.

Take action and remember that a little bit everyday adds up over time and pays off down the line.

Hasta luego amigos