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Top 2 Travel in South America Blogs - Easy Linguista

Top 2 Travel in South America Blogs

Do you have aspirations to travel South America but are scared about the perceived dangers of the continent? I give you the top 2 travel in South America blogs to ensure you equipped with the right stuff.

These are guys that are embedded in Central/South American culture and have spent upwards of 5 years living in Central and South America, be it Mexico, Colombia, Peru – they know whatsup.

I find myself browsing their blogs often to learn more about Latin America and take notes for my trip out there eventually.

*Please note that these blog recommendations are mostly for men – so for the ladies that read this blog take no offense.


Travel in South America Blogs

1. Nomadic Hustle

Jake Darby AKA Nomadic Hustle is a blogger who is known for his on-the-ground info on all things Latin America.

Nomadic-Hustle backpacking south america blogs

Now note that this blog is not a PG blog and can contain some explicit content however you are never gonna find info like this from guy’s on Tripadvisor or Lonely Planet.

He emphasises getting out there and exploring the countries you visit. A lot of the times when people go visit a country, they stick to the touristy areas.

I’m sure you are guilty of this.

Hell, I know I am.

This is not how true travel should be experienced.

Jake has been to a whole bunch of places south of the USA border and gives detail tips on how to navigate the continent.

Want to know good places to stay, where to meet a senorita?

Highly recommended blog and definitely check it out, if you are planning a trip to South America.

Read his blog over here.

Jake, like me, also believes that learning Spanish is set to explode over the coming years due to the influence of pop culture.


2. My Latin Life

A highly underrated blog and guide to all things Latin America.

Vance runs the blog who hails from good ol’ Canada.

He has a very interesting story which you can check out here. It’s a really interesting one.

Again like Nomadic Hustle, My Latin Life is not a PG blog.

My Latin Life - backpacking south america blogs

Vance has written extensive travel guides on cities in South America and is extremely well-travelled across all of Latin America.

You will find a lot of off-the-path places that will give you adventure.

His blog is definitely worth a visit if you want to go down to that side of the world.

Check it out here.

All the recommendations of the best places to stay, the the best clubs, shows to watch, cost of taxis etc. You can find it at My Latin Life.

Conclusion – Top Travel in South America Blogs

It’s always good to get info from those who have been to the places you want to go visit.

If you are trying to learn a language, good resources are always valued.

I definitely plan to use their recommendations when visiting Latin America and I know you will as well.