Top 3 Free Spanish Podcasts for Beginners


Nowadays podcasts are all the rage. I really enjoy listening to a good podcast, especially if it’s informative so I’m going to give you my Top 3 free Spanish podcasts for beginners for you to enjoy.

It includes a little bit of variety of everything and is in a small enough dosage to get a good feel for Spanish in your everyday life.

Works especially well when immersion is not an option.


Latin American Spanish – News in Slow Spanish

This is a great little 7 minute weekly podcast in which the events of the world is broadcast in slow Spanish.

I always enjoy watching some 24 hour news in order to improve on my listening of Spanish.

News in Slow Spanish is a great way to catch up on the news in Spanish but with the audio slowed down a tad to make it more digestible.

The there is both a free and a subscription version of this program.

The free version contains small bite-sized episodes of 7 minutes which is great for when you doing your small tasks in the day.

Awesome for your everyday routine and a mainstay in the the top 3 free Spanish podcasts for beginners.

Free Spanish Podcasts for Beginners


A great resource overall for learning Spanish because as you know I’m a big fan of Duolingo. 

The episodes for the Duolingo Spanish podcasts started about last year and are released every couple weeks or so.

The podcast tells a real-life story every episode which is quite interesting. There are about 22 episode which are out so far.

The podcasts are about 20 minutes in length which is good for listening in your car or on your commute to work. 

The episodes are narrated by Martina Castra who gives a bit of background as to what the story entails. She also also explains what level the episode will be (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

This is definitely a good podcast to add to your library even though it has so few episodes, I’m sure there are many more to come.

Free Spanish Podcasts for Beginners

Coffee Break Spanish

A more established podcast which consists of lessons from Rory who is from Scotland and Maria.

The lessons are generally about everyday life and using the Spanish language in order to navigate when travelling abroad. The episodes are quite informative and you can always take a lesson away from an episode.

The episodes are 20-30 minutes in length and there are a lot of episodes. 

Coffee Break Spanish has 4 seasons and around 40 episodes a season. 

Que es un monton de episodios!

They speak Castilian Spanish in this podcast as you will notice by the Spanish letter C which can be pronounced in two different ways. Usually when the C precedes an E or an I then it is a soft C and is pronounced like a TH.

Definitely add this to your Spanish podcast library as it is very interactive.


Free Spanish Podcasts for Beginners

Conclusion – Top 3 Free Spanish Podcasts for Beginners

Overall, these podcasts are great to listen if you have a quick 10 – 25 minutes in the day and you are doing some mundane activities like doing the dishes or stuck in a bit of traffic.

I always fire off an episode on my commute to work as it is quick and easy to listen to.

I use Podbean to store all my episodes of these podcasts. It is quick and convenient to access the episodes when I’m on the go.

This is also good to incorporate into your Spanish learning schedule.