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Present Progressive in Spanish - How to Use - Easy Linguista

Present Progressive in Spanish – How to Use

So what is the present progressive tense in English never mind Spanish? Well it’s quite easy to pick out in English because it refers to performing an action in the present moment.

This would be a verb + ing.

I am sleeping or I am writing.

This is what we refer to as the present progressive – actions we are performing in the present moment.

En este momento! [I love saying that – In this very moment]

If we look at the present progressive in Spanish there are 2 parts which make this up.

How the Present Progressive Works

The auxillary verb – to be + the verb ending.

The verb “to be” which we discussed here.


The verb ending

In Spanish the verbs have 3 endings arer and ir:

  • The ar would be replaced by ando (sentando, trabajando)
  • Verb endings in er would be replaced by iendo (haciendo, comiendo)
  • The ir would be replaced by iendo (escribiendo, permitiendo)

As you will notice er and ir verbs have the same ending.

The great thing about the present progressive in Spanish is that the verb endings will remain the same.

ando and iendo

Easy right! Muy fácil!


The verb estar

As mentioned above the present progressive relies on the verb estar in order for the sentence to make sense in Spanish.

For example the verb to sentar (to sit) would be “I am sitting” and this would be translated to – Yo estoy sentando

We are eating – Nosotros estamos comiendo

Notice how the it’s always the same – Estar + verb with ando/iendo.

Learning Spanish does not have to be difficult so make it easy on yourself and ingrain this in your brain.

Never again will you struggle to describe your present situations again.



I wanted to highlight the most important and easy to learn and implement principles of the present progressive in Spanish, hence the shorter post.

Have fun improving on your Spanish!

Hasta pronto!