How to Use Ser and Estar

If you’re a native English speaker you might be having trouble when and how to use the verbs ser and estar. Don’t worry here at Easy Linguista we are going to make your lives a bit easier. They represent 2 of the most important verbs in the Spanish language so we want to give special […]

Top 2 Travel in South America Blogs

Do you have aspirations to travel South America but are scared about the perceived dangers of the continent? I give you the top 2 travel in South America blogs to ensure you equipped with the right stuff. These are guys that are embedded in Central/South American culture and have spent upwards of 5 years living […]

Top 3 Netflix Shows with Spanish Audio

The new digital age is absolutely fantastic. It’s become so much easier to get better acquainted with other cultures and languages. One of the contributors to this new age of technology is streaming services such as Netflix. A great way to do that is to watch Netflix shows with Spanish audio. Due to South Africa […]