Top 3 Netflix Shows with Spanish Audio

The new digital age is absolutely fantastic. It’s become so much easier to get better acquainted with other cultures and languages. One of the contributors to this new age of technology is streaming services such as Netflix. A great way to do that is to watch Netflix shows with Spanish audio.

Due to South Africa living under a rock and in the stone ages, we only recently got access Netflix officially (yes there were underhanded ways to get Netflix but you get my point).

This has been a great thing because this means that shows that were previously unavailable to countries like South Africa can now be streamed.

I’ve been enjoying the Netflix shows with Spanish audio as there is a large variety available in the Netflix library.

*Please note that there are NO spoilers in this list [so you don’t have to worry]

Top 3 Netflix Shows with Spanish Audio

1. Narcos

My favourite show to watch currently on Netflix. A Netflix original production that focuses on the drug cartel across Colombia and more recently Mexico.

Seasons 1-3 focuses on the Colombian cartel with a specific focus on the rise of Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel.

Season 4 (or Narcos Mexico if you want to get technical) takes place in Mexico and focuses on the Guadalajara cartel.

This a very intriguing look into a subject that has plagued South America – the drug trade. It gives a very gritty look at the ugly side of the drug trade.


The show is great for entertainment purposes and to pick up a few Spanish words.

Take note that the entire show is not entirely in Spanish as it contains some American gringos in the cast as well and there is a good mix of English and Spanish.

For seasons 1-3 the Spanish is a bit easier to digest and to pick apart the words.

I’ve been struggling to pick out all the Spanish words in Narcos Mexico but the entertainment value has more than made up for that.


2. La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

A show set in Spain about a money heist of the Royal Mint of Spain.

This is a very high quality production and is also a Netflix original. I was really surprised at the well-thought out story-line, high caliber acting and also easy-to-digest Spanish.

I don’t want to go deeper in the story-line as I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

Because the show takes place in Spain, so there is slight variations as to how the Spaniards speak in this show vs a show like Narcos.

Subtle things like what may sound like a lisp for a z and c (when followed by an i or an e) are pronounced.

Isn’t actually a lisp but to a new listener of the Spanish from Spain, it may sound like it.

The show has an original story-line and was the most-watched foreign show on Netflix. I will keep emphasising how important Spanish will be going forward.

Definitely one of my favourite Netflix shows, with Spanish audio, to watch.

Highly recommended!


3. Club de Cuervos

A Mexican comedy show about how a young guy inherits a football club from his father.

If you love football and are learning Spanish, this is definitely the show for you.

It’s interesting to see comedy in another language and Club de Cuervos pulls it off. Chava (the  protagonist) is an irresponsible boy who implements some interesting ideas at the club.

His sister Isabel, who is intelligent and more qualified to run the club than him, does not take kindly to that decision.

This leads to disastrous, but hilarious, situations for the entire family.

There is a lot of Mexican slang to pick up here which is always useful. (I’m making a list of all the slang words to use when I eventually make the trip out to South America).

The Spanish is understandable in this show but you really have to listen hard to pick it up. I find that the Mexican accent is a bit difficult to pick up which is why this is a good show to watch.

Definitely check this one out.


Conclusion – Top 3 Netflix Shows with Spanish Audio

I am hoping that the high ratings that the above-mentioned shows are getting will lead to even more Spanish shows being produced on Netflix.

Netflix is very cost-effective and very good way to get some Spanish into your routine while also enjoying some entertainment.

Definitely give these shows a watch.

Hasta la proxima vez!