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5 Cognitive Benefits of Learning a Second Language - Easy Linguista

5 Cognitive Benefits of Learning a Second Language


Learning a language is a beautiful thing. One of the best parts about this is the cognitive benefits that is associated with learning a second language.

The brains of bilingual people function differently to those who only speak one language.

Have you ever wanted to improve your memory or become better at multi-tasking?

Studies show that learning a second language, like Spanish, can help attain these cognitive benefits.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the potential benefits associated with learning Spanish.

5 Cognitive Benefits of Learning a Second Language

1. Decision-making skills improve

If you are bilingual, a study shows that you make more rational decisions.

This study showed that bilinigual people react less emotionally to loss.

Because of this, you tend to use the more analytical side of the brain to make decisions.

This leads to more rational decisions which more often than not, leads to better outcomes for you.



2. Memory improvement

When you learn a new language, you have to remember a host of different rules and vocabulary from grammar to sentence structure.

This requires you to utilise your brain in order to remember these concepts. The more concepts you learn, the stronger your brain becomes.


Think of it like training your muscles in the gym. The more you train it, the stronger it becomes.

So get out there and start training your brain now.

The benefits speak for themselves.


3. Become more adept at multi-tasking

When you are bilingual you have to be able to switch 2 different language forms.

A study confirmed that bilingualism and juggling 2 languages helps to build a better brain.

This requires your brain to multi-task in a sense.

This transfers through in other activities that you might perform.

Listening to a Spanish language course while playing a game [I like to do this while practicing on something like Pimsleur Spanish or Michel Thomas Spanish]

This can come in handy when following my language learning schedule. You can knock off 2 birds with 1 stone in this way and become more productive.

For instance if you’re washing and drying off the dishes, pop a Spanish podcast or listen to some Spanish news.


4. Become smarter

Learning another language like Spanish helps to communicate better with others and improve on problem-solving skills.

Therefore you become smarter by being able to speak 2 languages.

You also become more aware of your surroundings. By this I mean that you are able to filter all the information that is not relevant to the situation at hand.

Thus you can take in what is important to you.



Learning a second (or third, like me) language can always be fun and the benefits listed above can make it even more fun.

Just me being able to speak both English and Afrikaans, I can feel the benefits listed above with things such as memory improvement.

So what are you waiting for – go out there and go learn another language because time waits for no man.

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