About Me

Why this site was started

There is something special about learning a new language. A language is not just a collection of words and phrases but something deeper. It is the entire culture of people, the food, the music and entirely new world.

My name is Carlo and I am from Cape Town, South Africa.

At the ripe old age of 25 I have decided to embark on a journey to help you learn the languages of my favourite cultures of the world.

Beautiful Cape town


Currently I can speak English and Afrikaans. My goal is to be able to be speak Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.

“Why so many languages? Is that even possible? You are delusional and won’t end up learning any of that.”

These are probably the thoughts that are running through your head as you are reading this.

That’s one of the reasons why this site was started – accountability.

Even if this site only gets one visitor – this declaration is available for all to see on the Internet.

It will force action on this declaration and go through with it. But enough of that self-improvement mumbo-jumbo.

How it all began…

I remember my first trip to another country – A school sports trip to Argentina. My entire world was opened up to stream of new possibilities. What else is out there in the world?

Me playing my favourite sport – futbol


Yes the world is inhabited by people like you and me but within each area you go, you realise there are other worlds with different cultures that you couldn’t have imagined.

Most of the people spoke Spanish in Argentina [duh] and it was very difficult to communicate. That planted the seed in my mind that one day I would learn Spanish.

After some time passed I thought nothing of it and the seed remained dormant for a long while until I decided to learn French just before I started my first job.

It started off great; I was motivated and began with some free resources in order to get into the swing of things.

I started off really motivated and was learning a lot, taking the Michel Thomas and Pimsleur courses in French and everything was going great.

Then the second year of work started and that hit me hard, with exams and more responsibilities added, French had to take a back seat.

By the middle of the year I decided I needed to re-think my strategy and decide if French was even the correct language to learn at this point.

Thinking about where I was going to be based in the next 3 years made me debate switching to Spanish.

My motivation for learning languages was starting to be questioned until…

Learning languages took hold of me fully when I took my first solo trip to Ethiopia.

Me and Ben in Ethiopia


Now the thing about Ethiopia is that they are one of the few countries in the world that was never truly colonised.  That means they have retained their language, their culture and their way of life.

This also means that the country is in severe poverty which was a unique experience for me.

The lack of influence from the west means that the people there rarely speak English [which is my native language].

Basically I struggled to communicate with a lot of people as they could not understand my accent and had to make use of my taxi driver in order to translate for me.

The experience taught me a lot and also ignited the passion for me to try and learn as much languages as possible.

After I came back from Ethiopia I felt rejuvenated and eager to dive straight into Spanish.

This aligned more with my work plans in which I would be going to the US for work in the next few years. It would be easier to travel to South America if I was working there for a few years.

It also gave me inspiration for this site which I hope to add value for all the language lovers of the world.

I decided to make a list of all the countries and cultures I wanted to experience and visit.

It came down to the following cultures:

  • Spanish [Latin America]
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Arabic [Middle East]


It also gave me inspiration for this site which I hope to add value for all the language lovers of the above cultures.

Lucy and me


The goal of this site

The ultimate goal of this site is to serve you – the reader.

I know there are many people who share a love for languages. The goal is to provide a ton of value to you guys and gals.

All the tips, tricks and tools I will be using are going to be shared with you. Plus all the strategies and hacks that makes Spanish so fun to learn.

This is possible, it might not be easy but that’s why this site was started [ironically named] in order to share my insights, experiences, resources and materials that I am using in order to achieve my goals.

I’ll also share all the mistakes made along the way, the pains and frustrations of learning a new language and also the joys and euphoria when a new concept just clicks.

The focus for now is going to be on Spanish as that is my first true love.

Mis companeros y yo para nuestro clase de Español – La Casa Escuela de Español


However I am extremely passionate about different cultures and languages and would like to explore the world. This site can help connect with more people so drop a comment and introduce yourself.

I am always interested to hear from smart action takers.

I know that language learning is not easy but hopefully this site can serve as a useful guide and resource when you need an opinion about a language resource or product.

Hasta luego

A bientot



‘arak lahqaan

Until next time